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About Kimberly Oyedele


Kimberly loves writing stories! She writes stories about family, kindness, and all things early childhood that children want to read again and again. While she has always loved creating stories, she became inspired to start writing children’s books because she saw a need for books that represent normal every day black people. Kimberly currently works as a toddler teacher at The University of Texas Child Development Center and is a member of the Austin chapter of SCBWI. She started her career as an early childhood educator more than a decade ago and hasn’t looked back.


Growing up in the South, shoes just seemed like a nuisance and often times I’d opt out of wearing them. In my mind, everything was better outside the confines of wearing shoes."- KO

“ I Don’t Like Wearing Shoes is her first published work. She lives in Austin with her husband and son.

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